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Pension "Sun Dial"


Our small Pension "Sluneční hodiny", whose name stands for "Sun Dial" is situated in picturesque countryside of the Czech-Moravian Highlands, which is still a little remote area, but this is compensated by the perfectly clean environment of the natural park known as "the Czech Canada".

The very typical highland area with vast forests and many natural and artificial lakes offers its visitors many ideas of tours and trips.

Surroundings and recreation

By car, with your bikes or on foot you may get familiar with local natural beauties, historic towns (such as Jindřichův Hradec, Dačice, Telč, Třešť, Slavonice, Jemnice) and castle ruins (Landštejn, Pomezí, Raštejn). Not faraway from the Pension you can find marked cyclist paths designed also for more demanding sportsmen. The international cyclist route will direct you also to the neighbouring Austrian districts.

One of many unusual experiences can be represented by a travel with the narrow-gauge railway. Do not hesitate to get on the little train which is not in a hurry and is in a perfect harmony with the countryside through which it passes.  Large areas of lakes serve not only for swimming but also for fishing. Your "nearest bathing" lake is situated some one hundred yards from the Pension. You can also take a boat ride on this lake.

History of the site

The residential house, including commercial buildings, was built in the year 1886 by the aristocratic Dalberk family. This aristocratic family used to own a large estate in the Dačice area. The site served as a place of holiday for noble men and women who used to take coach rides in surrounding forests and hunt wild animals. The remains of the original reinforced forest paths can still be seen in the surrounding forests.

It is said that this place was also several times visited by world-wide famous soprano singer Ema Destinová before she purchased her chateau in Stráž nad Nežárkou.

Current offer the Pension

You will be welcomed by the newly renovated Pension which will offer you calm and cosy environment. The rooms of the Pension are fully equipped for your comfort. The days passed in our Pension "Sluneční hodiny" will be really sunny even if it may be raining just at that time. We are ready to welcome you throughout all the year, for every season here has its own charm and beauty. You are welcome to see us and take a rest.


  • Double-bed  - 2x
  • Three-bed room – 1x
  • Four-bed room – 1 x

Where we are

Pension "Sluneční hodiny" is situated 10 km from Dačice, which is 30 km to the east of Jindřichův Hradec, at the border of the small village Lipnice, right at the forest and 100 m from the lake.

Orientation distances:

Prague - Pension "Sun Dial" 52 km
Brno - Pension "Sun Dial 120 km
České Budějovice - Pension "Sun Dial" 80 km
Jindřichův Hradec - Pension "Sun Dial" 30 km
Pelhřimov - Pension "Sun Dial" 40 km   


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